We have been operating safaris since 2009 & our objective is simple; we want every guest to have the best Sri Lankan wildlife experience possible when you are on safari with us. Our specialist guides speak several languages & have an in depth knowledge of the mammals, birds, reptiles & insects found in Sri Lanka. The jeeps are modern & fitted out for safaris. They have open sides for optimal viewing & photography, a covered roof to keep the sun & rain off our guests & 4WD to safely traverse difficult terrain. The maximum capacity is 6 guests per jeep but if you would prefer a personal private safari jeep we can arrange it. We offer safaris in three national parks.

Our Yala safari camp is 1 kilometer from the national park gate. Yala is famed for its high density of Sri Lankan leopards but they are not the only beautiful & majestic animals in the national park. There are 44 species of mammals in Yala & in addition to leopards you might also see elephants, sloth bears, 2 species of deer, water buffalo, 2 species of mongeese, 2 species of monkey, jackals, civets, hares, jungle cats & the giant squirrel (we have a resident in one of the large trees in our Yala camp). The combination of varied habitats around Yala ensures a high diversity of birds & the park hosts 215 different species of which 7 are endemic.
Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan leopards and aquatic birds. Yala has a variety of ecosystems ranging from moist monsoon forests to freshwater and marine wetlands & it is the habitat diversity which accounts for the biodiversity.

We also have night walk safaris around our large beautiful 10 acre Yala camp. Our guides will show you some of the beautiful nocturnal wildlife as you walk the jungles paths of our camp.

The habitat of Udawalawe is different from Yala. Much of the national park is open & more reminiscent of the plains of Africa with large herds of elephant slowly grazing their way across the wide plain surrounding the large lake in the centre of the park. The range of mammals is similar to Yala. What makes our Udawalawe safari camp different is its setting deep within the jungle of the national park on the banks of a beautiful river.

Udawalawe lies on the boundary of Sri Lanka’s wet and dry zones. The habitat surrounding the reservoir includes marshes, the Walawe river and its tributaries, jungle and grasslands. The varied habitat accounts for the good biodiversity where the species count of 94 plant, 21 fish, 12 amphibian, 33 reptile, 184 birds and 43 mammals have been recorded to date. Additionally 135 species of butterflies are among the invertebrates found in Udawalawe. There are rare sightings of the shy jungle cat & rusty spotted cat as well.

The park, which is about 1 hour from our Yala camp, is an internationally important wintering ground for migratory water birds & harbours about 200 species of birds. It is famous for its large flocks of flamingoes with over 1,000 birds per colony. The park is important for its mammals, amphibians, insects & plants. If you want to take the classical photo of a wild elephant on the beach this is the place to do it.

The national park contains seven terrestrial habitat types and six wetland types which account for its designation as an outstanding Important Bird Area in the South Indian and Sri Lankan wetlands. The wetland habitats harbour about 100 species of water birds, half of them being migrant birds.

Apart from the Asian elephants visitors can see many other mammals such as the toque macaque, grey langur, jackal, leopard, fishing cat, rusty-spotted cat, mongoose, wild boar, 4 species of deer, black-naped hare, Indian pangolin and porcupines.

If you want a break from Yala safaris we can arrange cooking lessons in our Yala field kitchen where our chef will teach you how to make authentic south Sri Lankan food (he may even give you his family’s secret spice tips) or we can take you on wide deserted golden beaches bordering the nearby Bay of Bengal for walks/picnics/swimming. If you would prefer to see some of the local cultural sights such as the 2,300 year old Buddhist temple we can organise a private tour for you. If you would like to experience local culture we can take you to ancient villages & show you how the local water buffalo curd is made.

For bird watchers we can organise tours to Yala, Bundala, Udawalawe, Sinharaja & other national parks.